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                        Mini rex

Shyloh(Brkn opal) and Indy(opal) She had 4 kits on 10-14-2012 she lost one all the rest are doing well look to be all solid opals

Mist(sable pt) and Levi(sable pt) She had 5 kits on 10-14-2012 she lost the two peanuts there looks to be one rew and 2 sable pts all are doing well

Beatrix(blue pt) and Slick(smoked pearl) She had 5 on 10-13-2012 and she lost them all

Felicity(lilac) and Elmer Fudd(lilac) She had 6 kits on 10-14-2012 she lost the two peanuts rest are doing well and look to be all lilacs

Opal(opal) and Indy(opal) She had 3 kits on 10-13-2012 she lost the two smaller ones and the larger one is fostered over to Mist

                    Holland lop

Joy(blue otter) and Mater(blue pt mini rex) She had 7 on 10-21-2012 she didn't pull any fur and had them on the wire we fostered them over to Opal since Joy had no milk. only one made it and is doing ok  

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